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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 16, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon -- breaking news out of the south bay where firefighters are on the scene of a grass fire burning in san jose's kelley park. we're following more breaking news on the peninsula, where there's been a collapse at a construction site. plus -- a deadly crash involving a motorcycle and a big rig. it shut down a major roadway in san jose for the morning commute. we'll show you the traffic conditions there right now. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we begin with breaking news out of the south bay where
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firefighters in san jose are battling a fire at kelley park near senter. we're live near the scene. >> reporter: good afternoon. i just spoke with the fire captain. nearly 50 firefighters are on scene battling this fire. so far, it's not yet contained -- it's not yet contained. they anticipate being hear for several more hours to fight the fire. a call came in around 0:45 of a car on fire. firefighters could see the smoke. so they sent several cars. they saw the car fire spread into the grass. it's a three-alarm fire. the california department of forestry, san jose fire is out here. right now, a helicopter is doing airdrops to put this fire out. so far, it has burned an estimated 1 to 2 acres. we're talking about heavy
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brush. luckily, the weather is on their side with cool temperatures. it's about 75 degrees. they say this is a slow-moving fire. not wind-driven. they are dealing with flat terrain. the problem is getting resources to fight this fire. they just called in more resources. it's 42% humidity. this is right behind kelley park. they are hoping to prevent it from going into the area where there's more brush. they also say there's no threat to homeless people so far they know in the area and no injuries. we'll stay on top of this and bring you more information as it becomes available. back to you. >> thank you. let's go to steve paulson in the weather center monitoring the conditions firefighters are facing. it doesn't look too bad, weatherwise. >> it's not. 10, 15, maybe gusts to 17. the good news, the humidity is definitely higher.
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its saw 48%. the smoke going straight up here. also thankfully the temperatures are not that warm. we'll get blustery conditions. you can see what's going on. right now, it's about 10 miles per hour. we expect that to pick up, 15, 20. maybe 18, 15 miles per hour. hopefully they will have it under control. we take a look and see the wind gust forecast picks up later. that's not until tonight. by then they will have that well under control. as we talked about, the winds will decrease. it's a westerly breeze. thank goodness it's not north or northeast. the humidity is high. right now 8 gusting to 17. so not too bad. but the temperatures are really not that warmth. we're starting to see temperatures in the 60s. that's good news. again, a couple of low 70s. it's cool, breezy, but not that windy. i think they will get a handle on it pretty quickly. >> thank you, steve into more breaking news from the peninsula. four people were hurt in a collapse at a building site.
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it happened shortly before 11:00 this morning on triteon drive in foster city, near highway 29 and foster city boulevard. these pictures show part of the building's wood frame has collapsed. this is at a carl's junior restaurant. none of the injuries are said to be life-threatening. cal/osha is looking into the matter. no word what caused the structure to give way. right now, san jose police are investigating a deadly crash that happened on a popular road used by many commuters. investigators had to shut down berryessa road and that caused a major backup. janine de la vega is live from the scene. is the road back open. >> reporter: not yet, tori. berryessa has been blocked off for five hours between commercial and mayberry. now the traffic unit is trying to figure out what ledded up to this motorcycle -- led up to this motorcyclist's death. a motorcycle was no match for this big rig.
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police say before 7:00 the two vehicles collided. >> when officers arrived, they found the motorcyclist underneath the vehicle. fire and paramedics were on scene and pronounced the motorcyclist deceased at that time. >> reporter: their preliminary investigation indicates the drivers of the big rig was in the slow lane on beres-- on berryessa when he made an illegal u-turn. >> it reminds me of -- you know, traffic safety. drive slow. be aware. look ahead. i don't know. could have possibly been avoidable. i don't know. sad morning for the two people involved. >> reporter: police spent the morning processing the scene. the drivers of the big rig was uninjured but very distraught. the accident was a reminder of
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the disadvantage mostists have -- motorcyclists have against vehicles. >> something is gonna get hurt bad and it's not the big rig. it's tough. >> reporter: police do not think alcohol played a factor in this accident. this is the 18th traffic fatality of the year. back out here live, you can see, it looks like they are going to open up berryessa road shortly. they've been picking up a lot of these orange cones and i see behind me there is another officer. he's rolling up some of that orange tape. again, it appears that berryessa road will once again be back open fairly shortly here since it looks like they've wrapped up their investigation. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, janine. new photos released today show an emotional meeting between the father of the gunman in last month's santa barbara shooting and the father of one of the victims. peter rodger met with richard
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martinez privately on june 1st. rodger's son went on the killing spre killing six people and injuring 13 before killing himself. martinez's son, christopher, was one of those killed. he has been an outspoken supporter of gun control laws. martinez says he plans to work with rodger to help make sure other families don't suffer as theirs have. a san francisco man pleaded not guilty this morning to federal charges of possessing bombmaking materials and a handgun with the serial numbers filed off. the judge ruled that ryan chamberlain was a danger to the community and will remain in federal custody. prosecutors say the search of his nob hill apartment also turned up 40 caster beans which can be used to make the deadly poison ricin. chamberlain faces 50 years in prison if if convicted.
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it's being called a major milestone in the central subway project. christien kafton joins us live with the phase just completed and is here to explain what is the next step. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, just completed. as you can tell, this is still a very active construction site. take a look. the work is far from over but the work did reach a hl mile -- did reach a milestone. the two machines will be disassembled and pulled out of this hole in north beach. two machines are out in the opening after months of digging underground for one and a year underground for others. the boring machines were key digging out the tunnel. the city's first -- this is the city's first new subway tunnel in more than 30 years. city leaders were on hand to welcome the giant machine back into the daylight saying this is a major step in connecting
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the city with a major transportation system and maintaining the commitment to public transportation. >> there really is no better way to get people out of their car to get folks on public transportation than to have a system that's top notch that's also interconnected. >> while the tunnels have been doing there's still a lot of hard work to do. the rail line is set to open 2019. next, the caltrans station to chinatown. there are no immediate plans to open a station here in north beach. but city leaders say it should be to extend the line as far north as possible. some are calling for a station at this location or nearby and hope to push this central subway all the way down to fisherman's wharf we're live, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. firefighters in the north bay continue to comb the ground where two suspicious fires started over the weekend. the most recent one came in the
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neighborhood of san rafael. brian flores is there with a warning from firefighters. >> reporter: good afternoon, brian. firefighters and fire investigators warning residents to be on the lookout for anything suspicious. the latest fire happened midday on sunday afternoon. you can see the charred ground behind me. as you look into whether this was arson or not, they are urging residents to be vigilant. it remains unclear this afternoon how the fire started behind some homes on the 200 block of johnstone drive in san rafael. fire officials say the cause of the fire remains suspicious. the new development is a chp report of a car parked along the side of the highway about the time of the fire. veafs are looking into why the car was stopped and whether the people had anything to do with the fire. but this fire came close to residents living nearby. >> someone called me on the home and i thought am i gonna come home to a burned-out
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house? i couldn't get here. >> my son was home alone and asleep. he has a sound-proof room for his business and they couldn't wake him up. that was one of the scariest moments. >> reporter: meantime, a fire on friday morning at the marin mobile home park was the work of arson. investigators have not found the people responsible for the fire but they say the more than 16-acre fire was definitely intentionally set. >> the fact that fire was -- stashtsed in a couple of -- started in a couple different spots. that points to some human involvement in actually starting the fire to have a couple of points where the fire gets started simultaneously. >> reporter: and fire officials received several phone calls of people being up in the hills during the time of the fire. in the next couple of days, fire officials say investigators will be working with area businesses to get surveillance video and see if it brings more clues into who
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is responsible for the fires set on friday. you see a lot of brush out here. in marin county, you can go to livermore county. firefighters says this is a reminder for homeowners to clear the dry brush and they do expect it to be a very dry fire season. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. and back to the breaking news out of the south bay where we're continuing to monitor the grass fire bumping in kelley park. we've reported it burned about one, two acres of dry brush but the winds are calm. it looks like they are bringing in a lot of resources to take care of this. we'll continue to follow this throughout the day on social media and updates later on in the later newscasts. it's being called the revenge match. what seam -- what team usa is saying about
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baseball fans all over the country are remembering hall of famer tony gwynn today. the padres announced his death. he was just 54 years old and had been fighting salivary gland cancer which he claimed was the result of his long-time chewing tobacco habit. he retired in 2001 and was known as the greatest player ebber for the padres. he was a 15-time all-star, won eight batting titles and
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notched more than 3100 hits during his 20-year career. a u.s. navy ship with marines is heading towards the persian gulf as a terror group takes over another iraqi town. isis claims to have killed hundreds of forces members. as kyla campbell reports from our bureau in washington, d.c., this means the obama administration could team up with an unlikely ally. >> reporter: secretary of state, john kerry, said the u.s. is not ruling out a potential military agreement with iran to try to stop isis from advancing. kerry spoke at an unrelated conference this morning. >> we have much to do with respect to iraq and other emergencies that we face. >> reporter: isis took over another town close to the syrian border. the terror group claims to have killed 1700 iraqi security forces members. the pentagon sent about 100 troops to protect the u.s. embassy in baghdad as personnel
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are being relocated. secretary of defense, chuck hagan, ordered a navy ship with about 550 marines on board to the persian gulf. it joined several ships including an aircraft carrier. and senator lindsey graham said u.s. airpower is needed to stop isis in the march for baghdad. >> get a new government in place as quickly as you can that will bring the iraqis back together for a counteroffensive. if we don't, if we don't, god help us because we're next. >> reporter: the chaos in iraq is already impacting us at home. from rising gas prices to instability in the stock market. in washington, i'm kyla campbell. back to you. state lawmakers have passed a new spending plan in california after beating the midnight deadline. the $108 billion budget includes more money for education and sets money into the rainy day fund. it pays down some of the state's debts. it passed almost completely along the party lines and sets money aside for the high speed
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rail project. but a local economist says the biggest news is lawmakers beat the deadline. >> when you tell the state legislature if they don't get the job done on time, they are gonna be docked in their own pay, you know, you've hit a cord. >> there are still a minor details to be worked out. most of the major points were inned out last week. three san francisco families are been forced out of their homes by a fire in the mission district. it started before 12:30 a.m. between two homes on ellington avenue. it spread to the second floor of one of those homes. six adults and a child lived in the two homes. neighbors first spotted the flames and started knocking on doors to tell everyone to get out. >> everybody came over to help. like i say, like the people across the street, they were trying to bang on the garage doors and make sure all of the residents were aware of it. >> one person had to be treated
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for an unknown injury due to the fire. the cause is under investigation. and firefighters in kern county are racing to control a grass fire burning in the sequoia national forest. they have the fire 0% contained. they worry it will spread near lake isabella. over the weekend, 500 homes were evacuated in the wofford heights area. the fire has burned more than 2200 acres since it broke out friday night. it's burned two structures. the cause of the fire is unknown at this time. our topsy-turvy june temperatures continue to go all over the place. it's really hot or really cool. today it's cool. the wind for some is strong. but thankfully not towards san jose where the firefighters are battling the fire at kelley park. the gusts to 17. only 8 miles an hour currently. we do expect the breeze to pick up. it will pick up.
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some of the gusts, 10, 18. by 3:00. the humidity is up. it's a sea breeze direction or a cooler direction. 17, livermore, 22 miles per hour. mountain view, 18. hayward, 23. sfo, 28. 18 at half moon bay. it's one of those ones where you are like there's no breeze and you go two blocks away and it's howling. 60s on the temperatures, very low 70s. way below average. hard pressed to find 70s here. it's all because of this system churning up in the pacific northwest unseasonably cool. 68 at noon at livermore. 66 concord. a soft 71 at fairfield. santa rosa, one of the warmest and 72. only 60 in the city. 57 half moon bay. it's a cool, cool pattern. temperatures definitely running below average here. they will on the high side. other wind out of fairfield, 24. concord, 26. 25 oakland. 22 novato. i think you get the idea. it's a rather breeze day.
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this low giving off-and-on rain in seattle, boise and northeasts nevada. we're on the western edge of it. we get the cooler air. there's still some low clouds holding on. it looks like it's disappearing pretty fast. favors kind of the san mateo parts of the santa cruz coast. but that's about it. the damage is done. it's ushered in cool air aloft. a windy and cooler pattern. tomorrow the low starblts to eject out -- starts to eject out. a north wind is possible on wednesday. i think by the end of the week, we're back to cooler again. a breezy, windy day and cooler. patchy low clouds. 70s for many inland. these are way below. a lot of locations 81, 85, 86. not today. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. as you might imagine, they are far below average. somewhere down the road we have to pick it up and that mid road
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will be by the week. today a lot of 60s and 70s. it's been a windy june. as long as we get the lows in the north which we could have used in the winter time, that would have brought us rain. it looks like after wednesday's warmup, a little change going, kind of a quiet pattern after wednesday. >> don't like the weather stick around for a day or two. >> usually we don't say that. >> right exactly. >> thank you. >> any time. in a few hours, team usa is set to make its 2014 world cup debut. how the team is preparing for the so-called revenge match.
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stocks having a little trouble finding direction today. the crisis in iraq and its impact on global oil prices have been weighing on the market while a batch of corporate merger noise has provided a boost. the dow is down 15. the nasdaq is up 3 and the s&p down 1. a new entertainment network debuts today on the internet. dreamworks marked a channel on youtube. it's aimed at 6 to 11-year-olds and will feature videos with characters such as shrek. they compare it to mtv and espn. network executives say they will debut more than a dozen new programs in the next few weeks. in just about two and a half hours, team usa will make its 2014 world cup debut, as it
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takes on ghana. they started with a pregame walk that's become a tradition every game day. this is a big game for team usa which has lost to ghana in the last two world cups but the head coach says team usa is ready and the players are excited. >> you want to go far. that's definitely our goal. >> i'm blessed to be in this position. i'm excited about the opportunity to show up. >> the u.s. and ghana are in group g which has been nicknamed the group of death. again, the gym starts at 3:00. there are a lot of watch parties planned for the public across the bay area. in san jose, a big screen is set up in cesar chavez park. there will be live music, food trucks and san jose earthquake giveaways. and in san francisco, a big screen is set up in civic center plaza and the soma street food park will also be showing the game. tonightant 5:00 we'll continue to follow the breaking news out of san jose that we
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told you about at the top of this newscast. we're working to learn more about how the brush fire at kelley park may have started and the efforts to get it under control tonight at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you on you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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alex paen: right now, we need your help to locate the many children and adults who are missing. [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.] alex: thanks for joining us. i'm alex paen. you may not know t


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